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Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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Are you trying to find the best offshore casino sites for UK punters? At Casino Wise, we’ve been busy doing a lot of research. Our team has created a list full of the top offshore casinos you can join right now! Each one is trustworthy and reputable, ensuring that you stay safe while gambling. What’s more, these casinos come with plenty of benefits for British players.

You see, offshore online casinos are websites that operate outside of the UK. Therefore, they don’t have to abide by any UKGC regulations. For punters like you, it means you can gamble freely without any issues in the world. Where do you find the best offshore casino sites? If you look below, you’ll find a long list of the top offshore casinos to try.

  1. Tropic Slots Casino
  2. Slots Muse Casino
  3. Hawaii Spins Casino
  4. Hand of Luck Casino
  5. GoldenBet Casino

The Ultimate List Of Offshore Online Casinos

Golden Mister Casino
150% on first deposit
  • Outside GamStop Scheme
  • Excellent Gambling Operator
  • 50 EUR Min. Deposit
King Hills Casino
255% match bonus + 250 free spins
  • Start Depositing With €10
  • Evades GamStop Limitations
  • Backed By Curacao Licence
Bounty Reels Casino
525% on three deposits
  • Free Spins Available
  • Not Connected To GamStop
  • Minimum Deposit €50
Nine Win Casino
€450 with 250 free spins
  • Special VIP Club System
  • Not Burdened By GamStop
  • Min. Deposits From €15
Rollino Casino
450% + 325 FS
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • Independent From Self-Exclusion
  • Deposit €10 For Bonus
JokaBet Casino
€450 with deposit, plus 250 free spins
  • Does Not Enforce GamStop
  • Withdrawals Within 48 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit €10-€15
VeloBet Casino
150% on first deposit
  • Casino & Sports Betting
  • Trusted Non-GamStop Platform
  • Claim Bonus For €20

How We Created Our List Of Offshore Casino Sites

How We Find the Best Offshore Casino Sites

It would be easy to look at our list and assume we simply added every single offshore online casino we could find. On the contrary, if that were true, the list would be three times as long. Instead, we created a list full of independent online casinos operating offshore that we know you can trust. 

Before any offshore-based casino sites made our list, they had to tick the following boxes: 

  • No UKGC licence – First and foremost, none of the offshore casinos on our list can have a UKGC licence. We are strictly looking for non-UK licensed casinos, which can include a range of different licenses (learn more about this later). 
  • Not on GamStop – Next, it’s paramount that we only include casino sites unaffected by GamStop. Some offshore sites don’t have a UK licence, yet still cooperate with the GamStop scheme. We ensure all the offshore casino operators on our list let you around GamStop restrictions. 
  • Big welcome bonuses – We always think it’s important for offshore licensed casinos to provide big welcome bonuses. The larger the opening bonus, the better. 
  • Multiple banking options – The problem with offshore regulated casinos that aren’t on GamStop is that they can’t use PayPal or mobile payments. As such, they must have other options available. We’re looking for online casinos that accept credit cards and more.
  • Lots of ways to gamble – Finally, we want casinos that give you loads of ways to gamble and play. This includes offshore slot sites and offshore sports betting sites, plus casinos that offer things like poker, bingo, live table games, etc.

With all these things considered, we were quickly left with a list of casinos with an offshore licence that we felt comfortable recommending to UK punters.

The Best Offshore-Licensed Casinos For UK Punters

Best Offshore Casino Sites

Some offshore online casinos are better than others. Don’t get us wrong, every option on our list is a worthy contender. However, if you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, these five offshore casino operators should be under your radar:


Tropic Slots Casino

525% bonus package

Tropic Slots Casino launched in 2021 and has quickly become a firm favourite amongst UK players looking for offshore casinos. It gives you a 525% welcome bonus across your first few deposits, plus a 50% special gift. This is alongside a superb mobile app for Android devices and numerous deposit methods. It’s a safe site with loads of games for you to enjoy and absolutely plenty of extra features you’ll love.


Slots Muse Casino

Up to 200 free spins

Slots Muse Casino is new to the industry, but it’s already making some big statements. Our players are huge fans of it thanks to the top-tier free spins bonus you get. With no UKGC licence restrictions, you can gamble and game as freely as you like. It may be young, but this hasn’t stopped the site from becoming one of the best offshore casinos you can find right now.


Hawaii Spins Casino

475% welcome pack

You’ll be absolutely charmed by Hawaii Spins Casino thanks to a lovely 475% welcome bonus when signing up. This coincides with two free no-deposit bonuses, letting you use free bonus funds to place your bets. What can you bet on? Well, there’s a variety of popular games and live dealers you can pick from. Exclusive offers greet regular players and there are some really fast withdrawals available too.


Hand of Luck Casino

50% deposit match & 125 FS

Hand of Luck Casino is another well-established name that’s highly rated by players. It has a 50% welcome bonus with some free spins, which may seem small when you initially look at it. However, there’s a wonderful catch! Your bonus is only subjected to 1x wagering requirements – that’s stupidly low. In theory, you could use your bonus funds to win some serious cash! It’s one of the casinos with offshore licenses that you should be paying attention to, especially with bonuses like that.


GoldenBet Casino

300% deposit match

Our last suggestion is GoldenBet Casino. It gives you 10% cashback whenever you want at any time during the day. This is an ongoing promotion that’s often greeted by other amazing promo deals. Plus, a big welcome bonus of 100% matches your first deposit. As for the game library, it’s one of the most impressive we’ve seen from any casino sites with an offshore licence. There are so many things to choose from – the options are endless.

The Newest Offshore Online Casino For July 2024


BassWin Casino

450% welcome bonus with 375 FS

We love introducing you to the latest international online casinos on the scene. Every month, we put a newcome under the spotlight for you to check out. This month, BassWin is our pick of the newest offshore casino sites out there.

What makes it so brilliant? Our expert reviewers were mightily impressed with its range of player-friendly features:

  • A big welcome bonus across your first few deposits
  • No-deposit bonuses are available at various intervals
  • A wide game library full of top developers
  • A thriving sportsbook with great odds
  • Lots of popular and quick banking methods
  • Great withdrawal times
  • Wonderful customer service
  • No verification is needed when joining
  • SSL encryption & other safety features for players

It has it all, which is why we’re highlighting it for you here. Check out the full review to learn more about this new offshore online casino and what else it can offer players.

Key Information About Offshore-Regulated Casinos

Number of offshore casinos 80+
Best offshore casino sitesTropic Slots Casino, Slots Muse Casino, Hawaii Spins Casino
Available to UK puntersYes
UKGC licenceNo
GamStop compliantNo
Acceptable banking methodsCredit cards (Visa/Mastercard), bank transfers, e-wallets (Skrill) & crypto wallets

Offshore-based casino sites come with some pros and cons. There’s a lot you’ll love about these sites, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely perfect. Be aware of a few drawbacks before signing up, so you know what lies ahead.

Casino Wise always wants to help UK punters find the best casinos with an offshore licence. If you are looking to easily get rid of GamStop and avoid UKGC restrictions, these sites are perfect for you. Nevertheless, we know that these sites might not suit everyone. Pay close attention to the pros and cons of offshore slot sites before deciding to join.


The Best Things About Offshore Online Casinos

  • An easy way around GamStop – Offshore casinos offer safe and legal ways to bypass GamStop restrictions. If you’re signed up for the scheme, you can gamble in peace without breaking any laws.
  • Gamble without verification steps – Unlike UK casinos, casinos with an offshore licence let you gamble without passing through KYC steps. They are no-verification casino websites, so you can get started without having to prove your identity.
  • No limits – Offshore licensed casinos operate outside of UKGC regulations. This means they don’t have to set any gambling limits for players. In essence, you’re free to bet as much as you like, as often as you like.

The Worst Things About Offshore Online Casinos

  • No limits (yes this can also be bad!) – That’s right, this can be a bad thing as well as a good thing. You’ve seen why having no limits is good, but on the other hand, it means there’s more chance of you going out of control. Sometimes, restrictions and limits help you avoid massive losses.
  • Hit-and-miss customer service – Depending on the offshore online casino you’re using, customer service can be a bit hit-and-miss. You may experience long delays waiting for replies, along with replies in broken English.
  • No PayPal – PayPal is regularly seen as the most secure way of making payments online. No offshore casino operators will accept this payment method. Therefore, you have to either open an account with an e-wallet provider, get a credit card or deal with bank transfers.

Types Of Casinos With An Offshore Licence

Licences at offshore online casinos

You will find lots of different casinos with offshore licences out there. Some are more prevalent than others. Throughout our research, we identified the following licenses as the most common for offshore sites:

Alternatives To Offshore-Based Casinos

Alternatives to offshore online casinos

If you are looking for offshore casino sites that accept UK players, you’ll be faced with plenty of alternatives. A lot of people believe that offshore casinos based in Ireland are the only ones you can use. On the contrary, the following possibilities present themselves:

  • European casinos – Yes, you can use a handful of European-licensed casinos from across the continent. These are often the best in terms of time zones and customer support, thanks to the close proximity to the UK. 
  • Curacao casinos – Plenty of Curacao-licensed casinos exist for you to join and gamble as you please. Curacao is an island in the Caribbean with its own gambling licence for casinos to use. It helps you stay safe while you game, but doesn’t have the restrictions of a UKGC licence. 
  • American casinos – That’s correct, you can have access to American-licensed casinos that accept UK players. Some do and some don’t, but any American casinos on our list will be open to UK punters. 
  • Non-UK casinos – As well as the offerings above, you will see a plethora of casinos operating with a UK licence. Be careful as many of them can be a bit dodgy. This is why it’s useful to look at our list of offshore casinos to know which ones you can trust. 

FAQs About Offshore Casinos

Is it illegal for UK punters to use offshore casino sites?

No, it is completely legal for you to use an offshore online casino while living in the UK. If the site accepts UK players, there is absolutely nothing wrong with joining it. You won’t need a VPN or anything like that; simply load up the site and you can join easily.

Can you use offshore casinos while on GamStop?

Yes, you can use offshore casinos while on the GamStop scheme. These casinos operate without a UK licence, meaning they have no obligation to be part of GamStop. Consequently, they aren’t included in your self-exclusion, letting you register and gamble as you please.

Can I use GBP at casinos with an offshore licence?

Yes, most casinos with offshore licenses will accept GBP as a currency. However, these sites are usually set to the local currency depending on where they’re registered. For most European sites, this will be EUR. Make sure you change the currency on the site before depositing funds to avoid confusion.

Are offshore casino sites safe?

Yes, offshore casinos are safe for you to use. Don’t be put off by the lack of a UKGC licence – this doesn’t make them unsafe. All of the offshore casino sites on our list will use SSL encryption and other security measures to keep you and your data safe.

Can I self-exclude from offshore casinos?

Yes, it is possible to self-exclude from offshore casinos even though they’re not part of GamStop. If you think your gambling is getting out of control, contact the casino operator and request that your account is frozen or banned.

Do offshore-based casino sites accept PayPal payments?

No, offshore licensed casinos do not accept PayPal payments. Or, more accurately, PayPal will not work with them. PayPal only works with casinos that have a UKGC licence, which no offshore casinos will have.

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