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Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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There are many reasons you might be interested in non-UKGC casinos. The UK Gambling Commission is a regulatory body that sets rules and regulations for casinos that are registered in the UK. As such, this can mean your gambling experience is less enjoyable. On sites with a UKGC licence, you typically have barriers in place – like verification requirements, deposit limits, betting limits and so on. The beauty of a non-UKGC casino is that these things no longer exist!

At Casino Wise, we’ve created a list of the best casino sites outside the UK for UK punters to enjoy. All of these are non-UKGC licensed casinos, giving you all the freedom you want and need. This means that they’re free from any GamStop or Gamban restrictions. If you’re already excluded from UK casinos because of these two things, a non-UKGC casino gives you a new way to gamble. So, settle down with a cup of tea and explore our extensive list below.

  1. Scarab Wins Casino
  2. Slots Shine Casino
  3. Very Well Casino
  4. Richy Fish Casino
  5. GoldenBet Casino

The Complete List Of Non-UKGC Casinos For UK Punters

Golden Mister Casino
150% on first deposit
  • Outside GamStop Scheme
  • Excellent Gambling Operator
  • 50 EUR Min. Deposit
King Hills Casino
255% match bonus + 250 free spins
  • Start Depositing With €10
  • Evades GamStop Limitations
  • Backed By Curacao Licence
Bounty Reels Casino
525% on three deposits
  • Free Spins Available
  • Not Connected To GamStop
  • Minimum Deposit €50
Nine Win Casino
€450 with 250 free spins
  • Special VIP Club System
  • Not Burdened By GamStop
  • Min. Deposits From €15
Rollino Casino
450% + 325 FS
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • Independent From Self-Exclusion
  • Deposit €10 For Bonus
JokaBet Casino
€450 with deposit, plus 250 free spins
  • Does Not Enforce GamStop
  • Withdrawals Within 48 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit €10-€15
VeloBet Casino
150% on first deposit
  • Casino & Sports Betting
  • Trusted Non-GamStop Platform
  • Claim Bonus For €20

Our Criteria For The Best Non-UKGC Licensed Casinos

How We Choose the Best Non-UKGC Casinos

It will come as no surprise that there are loads of independent online casinos for British players without a UKGC licence. At the same time, lots of these non-UKGC regulated casino sites are…let’s just say they’re not the best. We want to protect every single player that visits our site, which is why we make lists like the one above. On it, you will only find non-UKGC casinos you can trust. We’ve done a lot of digging to ensure we pick the best selection, offering great features and lots of benefits for players. 

So, what was our criteria when selecting non-UKGC casino sites? 

  • Must offer a way around GamStop – It’s essential that casinos without GamStop are on our list. The whole point of finding a non-UKGC casino is that it offers a legal way to bypass your GamStop restrictions.
  • Cannot have a UKGC licence – This is a given, but it needs to be included as part of our criteria. You won’t find any UKGC licensed casino sites not on GamStop on our list. In fact, they simply don’t exist altogether as you must be part of GamStop to have a UKGC licence. It’s really easy to spot dodgy sites as they can claim to have this licence but still be unregistered with GamStop. 
  • Needs to give good banking options – Too many casino sites without a UKGC licence will provide terrible banking options. Instead, we want online casinos that accept credit cards, e-wallet payments, bank transfers and more.
  • Must offer great games – We don’t see a point in directing you to casinos without a UKGC licence if they can’t offer an extensive game library. We’re looking for lots of online games not with GamStop to keep you entertained while you’re on the site. Additionally, if we can find live dealer casinos with no GamStop and other different ways to play, then it’s a huge bonus.
  • No verification should be needed to join – Another great advantage of a non-UKGC casino is that it doesn’t legally need to demand verification when you register. So, we’re exclusively looking for casino sites that don’t require verification. Otherwise, what’s the point in using them?!

We also take other features into consideration, though this mainly helps us organise the list. For non-UKGC casinos to be worth mentioning, they must tick all five of the boxes above.

The Top Non-UKGC Casinos

Best Non-UKGC Casino Sites

What are the absolute best non-UKGC licensed casinos out there right now? Feast your eyes on the five options below to see which sites our experts have singled out for you to pay attention to.


Scarab Wins Casino

50% + 125 FS

Scarab Wins Casino has only been around for a few months, yet our experts believe it’s one of the top non-UKGC casinos you’ll find online. A 50% bonus and 125 free spins are both nice, but the highlight is the 1x bonus wagering requirements. This is the lowest you’ll ever see, giving you a genuine chance to turn bonus funds into real cash. Of course, it has no GamStop restrictions and is open to all UK customers.


Slots Shine Casino

525% for three deposits

Another newbie on the scene, Slots Shine Casino is winning over loads of players. It’s been voted a players’ choice on our site and for good reasons. The owner is a well-established and trusted brand, implementing lots of security measures to keep you safe while gaming. It’s also a non-UKGC licensed casino with a low minimum deposit of 10 EUR – this is usually hard t o find. A big welcome bonus tempts you in, plus some no-deposit bonuses to give you a free trial on the site.


Very Well Casino

725 free spins

While the first two non-UKGC regulated casino sites were relatively new, Very Well Casino is a golden oldie. It’s been around for a long time and has been tested by thousands of players. Registration is really quick and easy thanks to no verification and the lack of UKGC regulations gives you more freedom while you game. A huge game library is at your disposal too, with plenty of awesome slots from exceptional developers.


Richy Fish Casino

475% welcome package

Richy Fish Casino is certainly one of the non-UKGC casino operators to keep an eye on. New members get a 200% first deposit bonus, plus a couple of no-deposit bonuses credited to their accounts. Special promotions are constantly unveiled and your loyalty is often rewarded. You can play here without any GamStop restrictions and it’s got a broad range of banking options to pick from. We’re also huge fans of the colourful and popular games on the site.


GoldenBet Casino

300% deposit match

Another newcomer in the world of non-UKGC casino websites. GoldenBet Casino is making headlines in the community because it offers so much for players. Excellent bonuses are combined with fast withdrawal and deposit methods. The library of games is massive, giving you everything you could hope for – and mode. There’s even a sportsbook full of popular events to gamble on if you need a break from the casino. You get all of this without any pesky UKGC restrictions holding you back.

Newest Non-UKGC Licensed Casino For July 2024


BassWin Casino

450% welcome bonus with 375 FS

The expert team at Casino Wise loves to keep players updated with the latest goings on in the community. So, we like to highlight new casino websites not blocked by GamStop every month. This month, the latest non-UKGC casino is BassWin.

Currently, we’ve struggled to find any drawbacks with this site. It is simply a perfect example of what you can get from non-UKGC online casinos. There are so many features we absolutely adored, including:

  • Very low minimum deposits
  • A brilliant first deposit bonus
  • Ongoing bonuses on your next few deposits
  • Excellent wagering requirements
  • A multitude of banking options
  • A diverse and big game library
  • Live dealer games
  • Live sports betting
  • No verification when registering
  • SSL encryption & other security measures

To say we’re impressed is an understatement, so please check out the full review to learn more about this month’s newest non-UKGC licenced casino site.

Important Information On Casinos Not Licensed By The UKGC

Casinos without a UKGC licence100+
Best non-UKGC online casinosScarab Wins Casino, Slots Shine Casino, Very Well Casino
GamStop restrictionsNo
PayPal depositsNo
Accepted banking methodsCredit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets & cryptocurrencies
Legal for UK punters to useYes

We appreciate that it sounds like casinos sites outside the UKGC are perfect. Well, this isn’t technically true. Like everything you come across online, casinos not registered with the UKGC have pros and cons. The pros are very beneficial for certain punters, but you need to be aware of the cons so you aren’t shocked when registering.

Please be cautious and ensure you’re aware of the disadvantages of non-UKGC-regulated casino sites. This will help you avoid any unwanted surprises when you start playing!


The Pros of UKGC-Free Casino Sites

  • Escape your GamStop self-exclusion – Let’s face it, most of you are here because you want to know how to remove GamStop. Well, you can’t remove it. But, by using casinos not licensed by the UKGC, you have a way around these exclusions. You can play as many online games as you like without breaking any rules.
  • Enjoy the latest games – With UKGC casinos, it takes longer to see the latest and newest games. Why? Because they have to go through checks to ensure they meet the current regulations. This isn’t an issue when you’re on a non-UKGC licensed casino. So, if you want the newest slots not on GamStop in the UK, choose one of the sites on our list.
  • Pay using your credit card – Casinos without a UKGC licence will let you use your credit card to fund your account. Casinos with a UKGC licence will not.

The Cons of UKGC-Free Casino Sites

  • Less support for vulnerable players – If you are known to spend a lot of money, these casino sites without UKGC licenses don’t offer much support. No restrictions stop you from gambling away a fortune – it’s up to you to keep track of your spending habits.
  • No PayPal available – While credit cards are accepted, you will never find PayPal casino sites without GamStop. If this is your preferred way to pay because you like the security, then you’re out of luck.
  • No pay-by-phone available – Similarly, you can’t find pay-by-phone casino sites without GamStop. Again, if this is how you’re used to paying, it can be annoying switching to a different method.

Types Of Casinos Without A UKGC Licence

Alternatives to non-UKGC casino sites

We said right in the beginning that the sites on our list are independent casinos outside the UK. What types of casinos does this include? Below, you’ll find the most commonly used casinos without a UKGC licence:

  • Offshore – We feature lots of offshore casino sites on our list that are open to UK players. They’re not part of the UK, but can be close by – lots of them are based in Ireland.
  • European – Scanning slightly further afield, we have a variety of casino sites based in Europe on our list. They have their own licenses and regulations to keep players safe without UKGC restrictions. 
  • Curacao – Lastly, you can see casino sites with a Curacao licence. This is a really popular alternative to a UKGC licence as it offers more freedom and fewer gambling restrictions.

One final thing we’d like to note is that casino sites with a Malta licence aren’t available. Yes, these sites don’t have a UKGC licence, but they still cooperate with GamStop and other similar schemes. As such, if you’re on GamStop, you will be banned from these sites as well.

FAQs About Non-UKGC Online Casinos

Can you find casinos without a UKGC licence in the UK?

No, all casinos based in and registered in the UK will have a UKGC licence. Any casinos without a UKGC licence will be registered outside of the country.

Can you access a non-UKGC casino from inside the UK?

Yes, there is nothing preventing you from using non-UKGC casino operators as British punters. The websites are not blocked in the UK, so you are free to use them as often as you want.

Are non-UKGC regulated casino sites part of GamStop or Gamban?

No, casinos without a UKGC licence will not be part of the GamStop scheme. Nor will they be part of Gambam, meaning you won’t be prevented from viewing them.

Can I gamble on non-UKGC casino sites while on GamStop?

Yes, you can. If you are currently signed up to GamStop and banned from accessing UKGC casino sites, nothing stops you from visiting and joining non-UKGC casinos.

Are casinos not licensed by the UKGC safe and legal?

Yes, casinos not licensed by the UKGC are completely safe and legal. Most of them are independent casinos with different licenses in place. They’re all regulated in various ways and use the latest cybersecurity measures to keep punters safe. There are no legal issues surrounding them and the only difference between a non-UKGC casino and one with a UKGC licence is that the latter will have more restrictions in place.

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