Non UK Bingo Sites

Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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Jamie Hooper
Author: Jamie Hooper
Non UK bingo sites

The best thing about non-UK bingo sites is that they let you enjoy bingo without local restrictions. At non-UK licensed bingo sites, you can gamble with more freedom and relaxed rules. Don’t worry, you’re still extremely safe as these sites are regulated, just by different independent bodies. The question is, how do you find the best non-UK online bingo sites out there?

This is where we come in! Casino Wise has a team of experts that constantly searches the web for independent bingo sites worth joining. We’ve created a long list of the best non-UK-regulated bingo sites out there, so you don’t have to bother doing the research. Keep scrolling, and you’ll soon find a selection of online casinos that are perfect for your needs.

  1. Twinky Win Bingo
  2. Fancy Reels Bingo
  3. Richy Farmer Bingo
  4. Raptor Wins Bingo
  5. Lucky Manor Bingo

The Complete List Of Non-UK Bingo Sites

Golden Mister Bingo
150% on first deposit
  • Outside GamStop Scheme
  • Excellent Gambling Operator
  • 50 EUR Min. Deposit
King Hills Bingo
255% match bonus + 250 free spins
  • Start Depositing With €10
  • Evades GamStop Limitations
  • Backed By Curacao Licence
Bounty Reels Bingo
525% on three deposits
  • Free Spins Available
  • Not Connected To GamStop
  • Minimum Deposit €50
Nine Win Bingo
€450 with 250 free spins
  • Special VIP Club System
  • Not Burdened By GamStop
  • Min. Deposits From €15
Rollino Bingo
450% + 325 FS
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • Independent From Self-Exclusion
  • Deposit €10 For Bonus
JokaBet Bingo
€450 with deposit, plus 250 free spins
  • Does Not Enforce GamStop
  • Withdrawals Within 48 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit €10-€15
VeloBet Bingo
150% on first deposit
  • Casino & Sports Betting
  • Trusted Non-GamStop Platform
  • Claim Bonus For €20

Our Criteria For Selecting Bingo Sites Not Licensed In the UK

How We Find the Top Bingo Sites Without a UK Licence

As you can see, there are more than enough options to choose from. If anything, you’re spoiled for choice! Naturally, you might wonder how we ended up with our selection. Did we just search for non-UK-based bingo sites and list whichever ones came up? Some websites do this, but Casino Wise is different! 

You can always trust our selections because we have a list of features we look for before listing a site. In the case of bingo sites not regulated in the UK, here’s what we’re after: 

  • Independent licenses – Looking for non-UK-regulated casinos doesn’t mean the site shouldn’t have a licence. It still needs one, it should just come from outside the UK, usually provided by an independent body. This is important for your safety while playing, else there’d be absolutely no rules and complete chaos!
  • A multitude of banking options – Having the ability to choose from many safe banking options is important to us. We search for casino sites that accept credit cards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets and any other banking methods. 
  • A wide range of promotions – Value-for-money is critical when you’re using bingo sites not regulated in the UK. You want all of your deposits to go that little bit further. So, a wide range of promotions is always helpful. If we can find non-UK casinos with no deposit bonus offers, then that’s even better. 
  • Game diversity – Clearly, at bingo sites outside the UK, your main focus is bingo. Having a good diversity of bingo games is therefore essential. Alongside this, we want the site to have other gaming options. We look for international poker sites for UK players, as well as international slot sites and sportsbooks. The more diverse the game library is, the better it will be for you. 
  • Trusted reviews – Hearing what other players have to say is the easiest way to know if you can trust non-UK bingo sites. We take reviews very seriously, using them to help us figure out if a site is worth your attention or not. 

As a bonus, we also look for non-GamStop bingo sites. Now, we don’t see this as essential because there are plenty of non-UK licensed bingo sites that are still on the GamStop scheme. If you are interested in getting around GamStop restrictions, just note that we’ve included if a site is available for you to use in the full reviews.

Our Top Non-UK-Regulated Bingo Sites

Best Bingo Sites Without A UK Licence

Of all the bingo sites with no UK licence, which ones are the best? It changes on a monthly basis as new non-UK bingo sites come along while older ones update with different features. With that in mind, our team has put together a selection of the top five non-UK online bingo sites you will find at this moment in time.


Twinky Win Bingo

Up to 725 free spins

If you’re looking for reliable bingo sites without a British licence, look no further than Twinky Win Bingo. It’s one of our most highly-rated sites, earning a player’s choice accolade on our site. This means players recommend it, and we can see why. You get a lovely bonus when joining that’s easy to wager, there are no GamStop limitations and it’s owned by a trusted operator. Mix in a host of fun bingo games and an expansive game library and it’s hard not to want to join this site.


Fancy Reels Bingo

450% over three deposits

Fancy Reels Bingo is now a fairly established non-UK bingo site, but it only launched last year. A sportsbook is available alongside the vibrant casino that’s full of online games. Seriously, you can play almost any casino game you can think of, including loads of bingo variations. You’ll see some fun twists on this classic game here, and it’s possible to try the casino before spending any money. Make use of the no-deposit bonus when signing up to see if it’s the right place for you.


Richy Farmer Bingo

750 free spins

You won’t find many bingo sites without a UK licence that are as impressive as Richy Farmer Bingo. In industry terms, it’s a baby, launching very late in 2022. Still, this doesn’t stop it from being a really enjoyable casino for bingo lovers. We count nearly 60 different bingo games to play, most of which are completely unique and offer great variations on traditional bingo. What’s more, as a young site, the game library will continue to grow. Factor in a welcome bonus that will make your eyes bulge and this site is definitely grabbing the headlines.


Raptor Wins Bingo

450% up to €3,000

Raptor Wins Bingo is known for its excellent live section full of popular casino games. If you’re lucky, you might find some live bingo there on certain days. Nevertheless, the rest of the website is super impressive. It’s one of the best places to go for online bingo outside the UK because the games are so diverse and high-paying. If you get lucky and win, most bingo games here have bonus features that can help you multiply your winnings. It’s such a fun experience, and it’s all available with a welcome bonus across your first three deposits.


Lucky Manor Bingo

725 free spins

At Lucky Manor Bingo, you’ll feel like royalty. It really lays the red carpet out for players, offering an experience that’s geared around you. This starts with easy registration and a huge welcome package. It continues with a broad selection of popular bingo titles, plus some independent games too. If that’s not enough, you have thousands of other casino games to play and a thriving sportsbook. Players can fund their accounts in an instant as the site accepts both credit cards and crypto payments.

The Newest Non-UK Bingo Site For July 2024


BassWin Bingo

450% welcome bonus with 375 FS

Non-UK bingo sites are constantly springing up out of the blue. Think about it, we’re covering pretty much the whole world apart from the United Kingdom here! There will always be new sites, which is why we always keep you up-to-date with what’s going on.

Our list of sites offering online bingo not regulated in the UK will always update and adjust when new casinos come around. However, we also like to pick out the newest and most impressive non-UK bingo sites each month. This month, BassWin Bingo is our top selection!

As a new site, you’d be excused for thinking it’s not totally refined. But, that’s not the case at all. It looks polished and has all of these wonderful features:

  • A huge selection of online bingo games
  • A wide game library full of popular titles
  • A fantastic welcome package for new players
  • Great customer support at all times
  • Excellent security measures on-site
  • Many great deposit methods
  • Free from GamStop rules

To read more about this month’s newest non-UK bingo site, check out the full review by our team.

Must-Know Things About Non-UK Online Bingo Sites

Number of non-UK licensed bingo sites30+
Number of non-UK licensed bingo sites without GamStop60+
Common licenses used by non-UK bingo websitesCuracao, Malta, Gibraltar & others
Banking optionsVisa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bitcoin & more
No-deposit bonusesYes

You’re going to have a fun time at non-UK-based bingo sites. When compared to UK bingo websites, there are some big differences that favour the sites not based in this country. You are definitely in for a treat, and we’ll explain the big benefits in just a moment. 

After looking at the advantages of non-UK-regulated bingo sites, we’ll also show you some minor disadvantages. We think this is crucial for a fair view of the situation. This way, if you choose to join a site, you’ve done so after understanding both the pros and the cons.


The Pros Of Non-UK Online Bingo Sites

  • Gamble while on GamStop – Most of the places offering online bingo outside the UK will be online casinos without GamStop. This allows you to keep playing fun bingo games while you’re on GamStop. It’s the safest way to legally bypass your self-exclusion limitations.
  • Deposit funds quickly – Non-UK online bingo sites make it easier for you to deposit money. There are credit card bingo sites UK players can use to quickly fund their accounts with Visa or MasterCard options. It’s so straightforward and really secure.
  • Make use of crazy promotions – The benefit of bingo sites without a British licence is that they have more freedom to offer crazy promotions. Things like no-deposit free spins with no-GamStop restrictions are available, as are massive welcome packages that give you thousands of Euros in bonus funds.
  • No need to verify yourself when joining – Lastly, you have the benefit of joining non-UK bingo sites without needing any ID. You don’t have to upload anything to bingo sites without ID verification requirements. Simply follow the five-minute registration process and you can start playing!

The Cons Of Non-UK Online Bingo Sites

  • No PayPal, mobile payments or pay-by-phone bill – Yep, you can make fast deposits using a credit card, but you can’t find any PayPal, mobile payments or pay-by-phone bill casinos without GamStop. So, this limits your banking methods, particularly when withdrawing money.
  • Complicated terms & conditions – The downside of non-UK licensed bingo sites is that the terms and conditions are pretty wildly complicated. With the UKGC, most casinos have the same terms. Here, you’re dealing with bingo sites that have all kinds of different licences. Therefore, it can be hard to understand things like withdrawal terms or bonus wagering requirements.
  • Less player protection – Finally, bingo sites without a UK licence don’t protect you as much as those with a UK licence. The UKGC imposes rules that make UK bingo sites check up on players and spot bad gambling habits. This makes it easy to interject before you go spiralling out of control. Non-UK-regulated bingo sites don’t provide this.

Alternatives To Bingo Sites Without A UK Licence

Bingo sites not licensed in the UK aren’t the only things you can enjoy. Fans of other casino games will rejoice knowing that the following alternatives exist: 

  • Non-UK slots sites – Thousands of independent slots games are waiting for you across dozens of amazing offshore slot sites. 
  • Non-UK poker sites – From Texas Hold’Em to Caribbean Poker and much more, poker sites outside the UK are waiting for you to come and play. 
  • Non-UK bookmaker sites – Bet on football, tennis, golf, boxing, horse racing and so many other sports at international bookmaker sites. 

FAQs About Non-UK Online Bingo Sites

What are non-UK online bingo websites?

Non-UK bingo websites are online casinos based in different countries. They are located overseas and have licenses from different governing bodies, meaning they aren’t registered with the UKGC.

Can UK player access bingo sites outside the UK?

Yes, you can easily access and join bingo sites outside the UK from within the United Kingdom. You won’t even need a VPN to join them; just find the site and it will work for you.

Is it illegal to play online bingo outside the UK as a UK player?

No, there are no laws or legal issues to worry about here. It is legal for a UK player to sit at home and join as many bingo sites outside the UK as they like.

Are non-UK-regulated bingo sites on GamStop?

Yes and no. Some of the bingo sites without a British licence do still cooperate with GamStop. However, a large proportion of non-UK bingo sites will NOT be on GamStop.

Are non-UK bingo sites safe?

Yes, non-UK bingo sites are absolutely safe and secure. They implement security measures to keep players safe at all times, so you never have to worry about anything from a safety/security standpoint.

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