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Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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Jamie Hooper
Author: Jamie Hooper
lottery sites not on gamstop uk

Lotteries are extremely fun to play and can reward you massively for very low wagers. So, it’s no surprise you’re hunting for lottery sites not on GamStop. Your self-exclusions stop you from playing the lottery, but these sites offer an easy way around your restrictions!

We’ve reviewed a whole host of sites offering the lottery not on GamStop. As a result, we’re able to provide you with the best independent online casinos to play the lottery. Check out the list down below, complete with detailed reviews of all the best non-GamStop lottery sites.

  1. Richy Reels Lottery
  2. Professor Wins Lottery
  3. Big Win Box Lottery
  4. Spin My Win Lottery
  5. Hawaii Spins Lottery

The Complete List Of Lottery Sites Not On GamStop

Golden Mister Lottery
150% on first deposit
  • Outside GamStop Scheme
  • Excellent Gambling Operator
  • 50 EUR Min. Deposit
King Hills Lottery
255% match bonus + 250 free spins
  • Start Depositing With €10
  • Evades GamStop Limitations
  • Backed By Curacao Licence
Bounty Reels Lottery
525% on three deposits
  • Free Spins Available
  • Not Connected To GamStop
  • Minimum Deposit €50
Nine Win Lottery
€450 with 250 free spins
  • Special VIP Club System
  • Not Burdened By GamStop
  • Min. Deposits From €15
Rollino Lottery
450% + 325 FS
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • Independent From Self-Exclusion
  • Deposit €10 For Bonus
JokaBet Lottery
€450 with deposit, plus 250 free spins
  • Does Not Enforce GamStop
  • Withdrawals Within 48 Hours
  • Minimum Deposit €10-€15
VeloBet Lottery
150% on first deposit
  • Casino & Sports Betting
  • Trusted Non-GamStop Platform
  • Claim Bonus For €20

How We Chose The Best Casinos For UK Lottery Not On GamStop

How We Find the Best Lottery Websites Not with GamStop

That’s a pretty impressive list of lottery sites not with GamStop, right? What if we told you it started out a lot longer than that? Seems crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true! Our list of sites providing lottery without GamStop was massive. In fact, it was too big and there were too many duds on the list. 

Consequently, we filtered every site to ensure we were only left with the best non-GamStop UK casinos offering lotteries. To do this, we had to come up with some key features that every casino must boast. 

  • Not on GamStop – You can’t play the lottery because of your restrictions, so we want to help you reverse GamStop programme self-exclusions. Choosing lottery sites not affected by GamStop means you can play as many lotteries as you like, right now! 
  • No UKGC regulations – Likewise, we wanted non-UK regulated casinos as it means fewer restrictions are in place. You have more freedom to play the lottery on sites like this. 
  • Big bonuses – It’s really useful if you get some bonuses to help you enjoy the lottery not covered by GamStop. So, we want some big ones to start your account and assist you. This includes non-GamStop no-deposit bonuses of course. 
  • No verification – We don’t want you to go through the pain of uploading passport photos and other annoying documents when you register. After all, you’re just trying to play the lottery not registered with GamStop. It shouldn’t be that difficult, which is why we sought out casinos that have no verification during registration. 

Our Top Non-GamStop Lottery Sites For UK Players

Best Non-GamStop Lottery Sites

Our criteria helped us find lots of lottery sites not affected by GamStop that are worth your attention. However, if you’re looking for the top ones around, our team has put together a shortlist for you:


Richy Reels Lottery

450% up to €3,000

Richy Reels instantly rewards new members with 10 EUR just for verifying your email address. A pretty nice surprise for such a standard thing to do! It pretty much sums up this player-friendly site; there are lots of things geared towards improving your experience. This includes a big 450% bonus when signing up, plus absolutely no GamStop restrictions. It regularly runs its own lottery draws too, offering cash prizes and other cool items up for grabs.


Professor Wins Lottery

300% deposit bonus

Professor Wins is one of the newer lottery sites not blocked by GamStop on our list. However, don’t let its youth fool you! This is a really impressive site that stands up to the big boys out there. You get a 300% bonus when signing up, and it has lots of extra perks to take advantage of too. The lotteries on the site are really tempting and don’t have many difficult entry requirements. If you’re a member, you can buy as many tickets as you want to increase your chances of victory.


Big Win Box Lottery

300% bonus offer

Big Win Box gives you a huge welcome bonus of 300% across your initial deposits. But, the operators go one step further by adding a 50% gift on top of everything. A couple of no-deposit bonuses also sweeten the deal and draw you in. While you’re there, be sure to enter as many of the lotteries as you can. Tickets are cheap, yet the prizes for winning are massive. What do you have to lose?


Spin My Win Lottery

44% bonus package + 1x wager

Spin My Win is known as one of the best UK lottery sites without GamStop you will ever come across. It has huge lotteries all the time with so many winners being pulled. We’re talking tens of thousands of Euros up for the taking, and some free prizes for loyal members too. It’s a really easy site to join and the 44% welcome bonus comes with something unique. It only has 1x wagering, so it’s not hard to turn your bonus funds into cash.


Hawaii Spins Lottery

475% welcome pack

Hawaii Spins is a non-GamStop lottery site that you’ll be eager to join. It has ongoing lotteries all the time, with new ones starting as the old ones finish. Plenty of punters have already won things from the impressive prize pools, so who’s to say you can’t be next!? Make use of your 475% welcome package when signing up and enjoy all the other fantastic online casino games available too.

The Newest Casino Offering Lottery Without GamStop For July 2024


BassWin Lottery

450% welcome bonus with 375 FS

When it comes to new and fresh casinos, we always keep you updated! This month, we’re happy to announce that BassWin is the latest lottery site not on GamStop. It hasn’t been around for long, but our experts have spent a lot of time using the site and getting to grips with its features.

Overall, it’s one of the best new sites out there, particularly if you’re interested in non-GamStop lottery games. There’s so much to be a fan of – in fact, there are too many things to talk about in this short section. Check out our full review for more details and enjoy a sneak peek at some of the best features:

  • Lots of brilliant lotto games
  • A huge welcome bonus
  • Low deposit limits
  • Easy withdrawals
  • No-deposit-free bets now and then
  • Plenty of additional online casino games

Key Things To Know About Lotto Sites Not Covered By GamStop

Number of lottery sites not blocked by GamStop60+
Best non-GamStop lottery sitesRichy Reels Lottery, Professor Wins Lottery, Big Win Box Lottery
Available to UK puntersYes
Cooperate with GamStopNo
UKGC licenceNo
Types of lottery gamesLive draws, Keno, Dream Catcher, Scratch Cards & More

Non-GamStop lotto sites are not without their downsides. We try to be as impartial and balanced as possible whenever we review a website. So, it only makes sense to do the same when we’re introducing you to lottery sites not on GamStop. Yes, they have some pretty big positive points, but you should also be aware of the negatives.


The Positive Things About Non-GamStop Lottery Sites

  • Play lotteries while on GamStop – Yes, you can bypass GamStop scheme restrictions if you use a lottery site not on GamStop. It lets you enjoy the thrill of the lottery while you’re blocked from other sites.
  • Enjoy lots of extra games – Lottery games aren’t the only things you can entertain yourself with on UK lottery sites without GamStop. You can also play slots, bingo, poker, slingo and many other games. Likewise, they’re also betting sites not using GamStop so you can gamble on the football too!
  • Good security without added restrictions – The lack of a UKGC licence means non-GamStop lottery sites have fewer restrictions for you to worry about. Effectively, you can gamble in peace. At the same time, you still get a high level of security thanks to SSL encryptions and more.

The Negative Things About Non-GamStop Lottery Sites

  • No UKGC protection – The downside of no UKGC licence is that you aren’t protected by this authority from your own bad gambling habits. It is highly unlikely that a casino operator or licensing body will interrupt your lottery sessions to give you counselling.
  • Risky deposit methods – Accepting credit card deposits is good, but it can be risky. When playing a non-GamStop lottery, you could deposit more money than you can afford using your credit card. So, the risks are much higher without any barriers in place.
  • Harder to self-exclude – Because these are lottery sites not blocked by GamStop, it is much harder to self-exclude. Sure, you can freeze your account on one site, but the temptation remains and there are dozens of other non-GamStop lottery sites you can turn to instead.

Popular Lotteries In The UK

We have countless lotteries in the UK that anyone can join to try and win massive payouts or prizes. Here are some of the most popular: 

  • The National Lottery
  • EuroMillions
  • Thunderball
  • Powerball
  • The National Lottery Scratch Cards
  • Dream Catcher
  • Keno

All of these lotteries have their own unique rules, but they function the same way. You pick some numbers and hope that yours come up in the draw. There are also instant win variations of these games where you can try your luck at winning money right away. 

It’s important to know that the lottery is not technically part of GamStop. You can still partake in the popular live draws every week if you want. However, if you’re looking to play instant-win lottery games, they are blocked by GamStop restrictions. So, you’ll have to seek out some non-GamStop lottery sites instead.

Moreover, lottery sites not affected by GamStop allow you to play some unique lottery games that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Other Available Games On Lottery Sites Not Blocked By GamStop

Games on lottery sites not on GamStop

You’ll be really happy to know there are plenty of online games not with GamStop that you can play. Even better, these games are available on sites offering the lottery not on GamStop. So, once you’ve entered the live draws, kick back and have fun with the following: 

  • Slots – There are hundreds of online slots not on GamStop waiting for you out there. They’re easy to play, feature some cool bonuses and are made by top developers. 
  • Bingo – Fans of the lottery will love non-GamStop bingo games as well. It’s a fairly similar principle; you’re looking for numbers and hoping you win big!
  • Poker – Put your skills to the test with a plethora of non-GamStop poker games. Choose from a variety of different types of poker depending on which one is your speciality. 
  • Scratch Cards – It’s like the lottery, only slightly different. Explore some great scratch card games without GamStop if you’re looking for something chilled and laid back to play. 
  • Slingo – Combine two casino classics (slots and bingo) by playing slingo games without GamStop. If you’ve never tried this unique concept, you have to give it a go. 
  • Roulette – Spin the wheel and hope that your bets come in with a wide variety of roulette games not on GamStop
  • Live Games – Ditch the 3D animated world and experience live dealer games without GamStop instead. Play with other people from around the globe as you try your luck at winning big payouts. 

FAQs About The Lottery Not On GamStop

Is the lottery covered by GamStop?

Yes and no. The National Lottery and other live lotto draws are not considered to be part of GamStop. However, any lottery instant-win games are covered by it, so you can’t play them if you’re on the GamStop scheme.

What is a non-GamStop lottery site?

Lottery sites not affected by GamStop are online casinos that don’t partake in the GamStop scheme. They are usually located overseas and aren’t registered in the UK. Therefore, they don’t have any obligations to partake in the scheme as they do not have a UKGC licence.

Is it legal to use lottery sites without GamStop if you’re on GamStop?

Yes, you can still use any lottery site that’s not on GamStop. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently on the GamStop scheme and excluded from various UK sites. As mentioned above, non-GamStop lottery sites aren’t covered by the scheme so you have no problems using them.

Can you trust non-GamStop lottery draws?

Yes, there is no reason to mistrust lottery draws on non-GamStop lotto sites. They are legitimate, offering genuine prize pools for players.

Can UK players enjoy lottery sites not blocked by GamStop?

Yes, you absolutely can enjoy these casino sites. There aren’t any geo-restrictions to worry about as all of the sites on our list accept UK players.

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