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Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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Jamie Hooper
Author: Jamie Hooper
International betting sites

You’re on the hunt for some top-tier international betting sites, aren’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a whole list of foreign betting sites for you to take a look at in just a moment!

Our team has worked extremely hard reviewing countless international bookmakers to be sure the list is as helpful as possible. There’s no need for you to go through the annoyance and stress of trying to hunt down different sites with international licenses. Instead, you can relax, make a cuppa and read our guide to the best international bookies for UK players

  1. GoldenBet Sportsbook
  2. Lucky Manor Sportsbook
  3. Players Club VIP Sportsbook
  4. Magic Win Sportsbook
  5. Lucky Barry Sportsbook

The Complete List Of International Betting Sites

Golden Mister Sportsbook
150% up to 1,000 EUR
  • Outside GamStop Scheme
  • Excellent Gambling Operator
  • 50 EUR Min. Deposit
Bounty Reels Sportsbook
150% first sports deposit
  • Free Spins Available
  • Not Connected To GamStop
  • Minimum Deposit €50
CosmoBet Sportsbook
150% sports bonus, up to €1,000
  • 20 GBP Minimum Deposit
  • Popular Worldwide Provider
  • Works Without GamStop
Magic Win Sportsbook
50% up to €100
  • No GamStop Regulations
  • 20 GBP for Bonus Activation
  • Rapid Withdrawal Processing
Rolletto Sportsbook
150% first deposit
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • Accepts Excluded Players
Lucky Mister Sportsbook
Double your first deposit
  • GamStop Not Used
  • Exclusive Game Options
  • €50 Bonus Activation
Hand of Luck Sportsbook
50% on first deposits
  • Wagering Only 1x
  • Doesn’t Feature GamStop
  • Deposit as Little as 40 EUR

Things We Look For In Trustworthy International Bookmakers

How We Find the Best International Betting Sites

Many people are aware of the many international casinos out there. What you might not know is that most of these casinos are home to hugely successful sportsbooks. When creating our list, we ran into hundreds of different options that we needed to review. Quickly, it became obvious that there were some international betting sites that made the cut – and some that weren’t even close.

Safety is always a top priority here at Casino Wise. We never want to direct punters to foreign betting sites that aren’t secure or trustworthy. As such, we devised a system to help us identify the best worldwide betting sites. It’s a simple concept; we have a list of essential features a site must have: 

  • Independent licenses – We aren’t looking for UK-licensed bookies here. Instead, we want international bookmakers with independent licenses. This presents lots of benefits for players, most notably a lack of restrictions.
  • Not on GamStop – When talking to punters, we discovered the main reason to try international online bookmakers is to get around the self-exclusion programme. If you’re on GamStop, you’re excluded for an indefinite period from all UKGC casinos and betting sites. As a result, we want to list foreign bookies that aren’t on GamStop. Thus, you can bypass the scheme without any issues.
  • Generous welcome bonuses – If you join a new casino, you expect to get an international casino no-deposit bonus. So, the same should be expected from international betting sites! Each site on our list will have a generous welcome bonus that may or may not include a free bet. 
  • Global sportsbooks – There are few things as irritating as a great betting site with a tiny sportsbook. Seeing as you’re after international bookmakers, it makes sense for them to have large global sportsbooks. This means you can bet on numerous sports from all over the world. 
  • Safe banking options – We’re talking about credit card sportsbooks, crypto betting sites and so on. There must be some clear and safe banking options for you to use. Additionally, the banking system should be responsive and fast.

You can probably piece together how our system works. A new foreign betting site appears on our radar, so we check it out. From here, we run through the key things to look for and see if the site has them all. If it does, we can carry out a full review and place it on our list. If it doesn’t, we don’t bother recommending it as it won’t meet the high standards we set!

Our Top International Sports Betting Sites For UK Bettors

Best International Bookmakers

What’s better than a complete list of international betting sites? Yep, that’s correct, a shorter list consisting of the best international bookmakers right now. Keep in mind that this list can change from month to month if new sites burst onto the scene. However, currently, our experts believe that the following five sites are the top ones to try:


GoldenBet Sportsbook

100% deposit match

It’s pretty apt that this sportsbook is called GoldenBet as it certainly puts up a fight for first place. Instantly, we love the healthy welcome bonus given to new players. But, the promotions don’t stop there. This international bookmaker is known for providing great value deals all the time. You can get free bets if you’re a frequent user, cashback on certain bets and more. All of this is possible thanks to a wide and immersive sportsbook that features events from everywhere. Football fans will love the thousands of competitions to bet on, but fans of other sports can rejoice too. There is genuinely something for any fan to bet on here.


Lucky Manor Sportsbook

100% deposit match

If you’re feeling lucky, then Lucky Manor is the place to go. It offers one of the largest online sportsbooks out there, with so many different bet types available. If you can’t predict a winner, you’ll have dozens of other lines to choose from – with some tantalising odds as well. It’s a site that’s easy to navigate and use, complete with live streaming of certain sporting events. Bet before matches start or as they’re in progress thanks to in-play bets. Add a hefty welcome packaging into the mix and you’ve got a huge contender here.


Players Club VIP Sportsbook

Freebet up to €100

It’s got VIP in the title, but anyone is welcome at Players Club VIP Sportsbook. There’s a suaveness to the site that makes it feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury casino. The sportsbook is full of sports and competitions – from football to eSports and even volleyball. Even more, there are dedicated areas for horse racing and greyhound racing. Both of these sections cover races from all over the planet, which is rare for a non-UK betting site.


Magic Win Sportsbook

50% up to €100

Magic Win is a trusted and reliable site that will never leave you feeling hoodwinked. It’s owned by honest operators that have been in the industry for many years. In terms of features, it ticks every box when you’re searching for foreign betting sites. There are no GamStop restrictions, a wide array of sports, lots of great promotions, excellent banking options and so much more. If you sign up now, you get a free bet that matches your first deposit up to £100.


Lucky Barry Sportsbook

100% match

Barry won’t be the only one feeling the luck after you’ve joined the sportsbook here! Lucky Barry is a player favourite because it’s got some of the best odds in the business. Like all international betting sites on our list, in-play betting is widely available across a selection of different sports. You will find everything you need to stay content while on this site, including a range of fun promotions that are updated regularly.

The Newest International Bookmaker For July 2024


BassWin Sportsbook

150% sports match offer

If you’ve looked at any sites on either of our lists, you’ll notice that a lot of the international betting sites are fairly new. This is because new foreign bookies spring up out of nowhere at a moment’s notice. It’s pretty hard to stay on top of them, but we do our best.

Whenever a new site comes around, we check it out and see if it’s worthy of you punters. If it is, it gets added to our complete list. This is our way of staying updated with the latest bookmakers without GamStop. However, we’ve also started selecting the best of the newest sites to come around. Every month, a new site is highlighted for you to check out. This month, it’s the BassWin Sportsbook.

If you don’t have time to read our complete review, here’s a quick look at the top features:

  • No UKGC licence
  • Independently licensed by a trusted regulatory board
  • SSL encryption all over the site
  • Reliable banking methods
  • A huge welcome bonus
  • A wide sportsbook with lots of betting options
  • Fantastic odds across the board
  • No verification required
  • Accepts credit card deposits
  • Not on GamStop or Gamban

Crucial Things To Know About Foreign Betting Sites

Number of international betting sites100+
Best international betting sites for UK playersGoldenBet Sportsbook, Lucky Manor Sportsbook, Players Club VIP Sportsbook
LocationsEurope, USA, Caribbean, Australia & More
UKGC licensesNo
Sports availableFootball, Tennis, Golf, Horse Racing, F1, Boxing & Many More
Available for UK players Yes

It’s very important to recognise the differences between international bookmakers and ones in the UK. Sure, they both offer the same service, but your experience is remarkably different. If you use international online bookmakers, there will be elements that are arguably better than what you see at UK bookmakers. Similarly, there are going to be things that perhaps you miss out on when you use foreign betting sites.

The best idea is to weigh up the pros and cons before joining any sites. We’ve got a selection of points here to sink your teeth into.


The Advantages of International Bookies

  • Avoid GamStop restrictions – It is impossible to find UK online bookmakers without GamStop. But, you can find foreign betting sites UK punters can use while on GamStop. Effectively, you can still bet and enjoy your favourite sports while technically still on the self-exclusion scheme.
  • Get better odds – Often, worldwide betting sites provide better and higher odds. This is because they aren’t restricted by UKGC regulations.
  • Bet without uploading your ID – Enjoy more privacy when betting by using international online bookies that don’t ask for ID. Getting rid of the verification requirements makes it much easier for you to join and have fun. You also don’t have to upload your ID, which always feels a bit dodgy.
  • Operating outside the UK – International betting sites operate outside of the UK opening your eyes to loads of unique and niche sports/sporting events to bet on.
  • Lots of new online bookies – You can find new online international bookies every month, meaning there are plenty of new welcome bonuses and promotions to take advantage of.
  • Credit cards are allowed – Unlike UK betting sites, international betting operators accept credit card payments. This gives you a safe and secure way of instantly funding your account.

The Disadvantages of International Bookies

  • Less support for players – International betting sites are non-Gamcare sports betting sites. Gamcare is the primary provider of gambling help & support for UK punters. As these sites aren’t affiliated with it, you lose all of the support Gamcare can provide. If you’re prone to losing a lot of money, it’s very risky to gamble without support structures in place.
  • Harder to self-exclude – Likewise, if you want to cool off and exclude yourself from foreign betting sites, it is significantly harder without GamStop. You have to contact each site individually, which can be challenging when you consider the final point below.
  • Language barriers & timezone complications – That’s right, using international bookies means you have customer support teams from all over the world. Sometimes, they’re not contactable while you bet because of timezone clashes. Other times, they don’t speak good English, so it’s hard to get the outcomes you’re seeking.

Other Available Games At International Bookmakers

Games at international online bookies

Typically, sports betting is the main thing to get excited about at foreign betting sites.

Did you know there are also lots of other games at your disposal? These sites have their own international casinos complete with the following games: 

  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Slingo
  • Lotteries
  • Live table games

Breakdown Of International Bookies By Country

International betting sites by country

Where in the world will you find international betting sites. Obviously, the clue is in the name: everywhere! If you want the specifics, we tend to break things down into the following categories: 

  • Non-UK betting sites – This is a broad category listing all of the non-UK regulated online bookies that accept UK punters.
  • European betting sites – You’ll find plenty of European sports betting sites on our list from countries and territories across the continent – not including the UK.
  • American betting sites – We have a small collection of US sports betting sites that can be accessed from within the UK without a VPN.
  • Curacao betting sites – This includes all Curacao-licensed betting operators from the island of Curacao in the Caribbean.
  • Offshore betting sites – Finally, you can explore offshore online bookmakers based in other islands outside of the United Kingdom.

International Betting Sites FAQs

What are international betting sites?

International betting sites are online bookmakers based in countries outside the UK. This includes European betting sites, offshore betting sites, US betting sites and more.

Do international bookmakers have a UK licence?

No, international bookies will not be registered with the UKGC. Instead, they will have an independent licence that keeps them regulated.

Can British punters access international betting sites without a VPN?

Yes, it is possible to access all of the worldwide betting sites on our list without installing a VPN. They are all open to British punters.

Are international betting sites legal?

Yes, international betting sites are legal for you to use. There are no laws or rules preventing UK punters from joining any of the sites on our list.

Can you self-exclude from international bookies?

Yes, it is technically possible to self-exclude from international bookmakers. You have to contact the operator and request that your account is blocked. However, these sites will not be blocked by GamStop.

Is it safe to use foreign betting sites in the UK?

Yes, it is safe for UK punters to use foreign betting sites. All of these sites use security measures to keep you safe while gambling.

Where do you find international online bookies?

You can find international online bookies right here at Casino Wise. We’ve got a long list of sites that are ideal for UK punters and can be joined immediately.

What is the best international online betting site?

The best international online betting site changes on a monthly basis. We see new sites all the time, meaning one can come out of the blue to take the top spot. You can see the current top international bookmakers by checking out our complete list.

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