How to Cancel GamStop

Last Updated: 17 July 2024

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Jamie Hooper
Author: Jamie Hooper
How to cancel GamStop

You’ve been on the scheme for a while, but now you’re trying to figure out how to cancel GamStop. It’s incredibly frustrating as you assumed that GamStop removal was fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, it’s much trickier than anticipated.

But, there’s no need to worry! At Casino Wise, we’ll explain everything you can do to cancel GamStop – along with the top ideas for getting around GamStop. So, settle in, get nice and comfy, and let us show you exactly what to do.

Best Casinos & Sportsbooks That Don’t Require GamStop Cancellation

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The Best Way To Remove GamStop

We’re going to hit you with a bit of a warning here. If you’re hoping that there’s a magic button somewhere with GamStop cancel written on it, then you’re fresh out of luck. Yes, GamStop removal is possible, but cancelling it is a different story.

Firstly, we strongly advise that you ignore any other websites or schemes that offer complex and strange ideas to help you with GamStop reversal. Also, never ever trust anyone that claims they’ll teach you how to stop GamStop for a fee. The fact is, there’s an easy solution that’s completely free.

Effectively, all you have to do is use casino sites that are not on GamStop. We’re not going to look at how to cancel GamStop, but rather how to get around your restrictions without breaking any rules or laws.

How To Find Trustworthy Casinos For GamStop Reversal

You’ll see there are plenty of independent casino sites listed above that allow you to undo GamStop. Naturally, you’re wondering how we found all of these sites! To tell you the truth, there are loads of other websites that offer ways to stop GamStop. Sadly, most of these sites are either dodgy or pure rubbish. 

With that in mind, here’s what our team looks for in casinos and sports betting sites not with GamStop

  • No UK licenses – Any UK-licensed casino will be part of the GamStop scheme, so you can’t use them until your time runs out. It’s also illegal for a UK-based casino to let GamStop players play. So, we’re searching for casinos without a UK licence to give you a legal way “cancel” GamStop.
  • A wide range of games – You want to know how to reverse GamStop, but that shouldn’t mean you should make massive sacrifices. Too many sites promise to help you undo GamStop, yet have tiny game libraries. We only include sites with a wide range of non-GamStop casino games for you to enjoy. This allows you to still have fun as you wait for your GamStop to run out.
  • Great bonuses & promotions – We’re keen to list sites that hand out a no-deposit bonus not on GamStop, alongside big welcome packages with lots of bonus funds.
  • Trustworthy banking methods – Because these sites don’t have UKGC licenses, it often means the banking options are limited. However, the good news is that you can find online casinos that accept credit cards, so there’s definitely a safe way to deposit your funds. 

When all of these elements are combined, we have full faith that a casino is trustworthy and reliable. Player reviews are also taken into account, so there’s a better overview of what other people think of the site. As such, we’re confident in recommending these casinos to anyone hoping to unregister from GamStop.

There Is No Option To Actually Cancel GamStop

We know, this sucks. Sadly, there is no way to bypass this rule as it’s a core part of the scheme. Remember, GamStop was introduced to aid people with gambling issues. When you joined it, you were probably in a pretty dark place.

Everyone that signs up will have to set a self-exclusion period. This is entirely up to you, but the minimum is six months. At the other end of the scale, the maximum is five years. Basically, you will have to wait out your sentence!

So, if you want to know how to get off GamStop, there are two solutions:


Wait Until Your Self-Exclusion Period Ends

This might be worthwhile if you’re already close to the end of the period. But, it’s only really useful if you’re desperate to use UK-based casinos. Plus, if you have to wait years for your time to run out, it’s not a good option at all.


Find Casinos That Aren’t On GamStop

The second option is the one we prefer and recommend. If you have loads of time left on your self-exclusion, join casinos that aren’t on GamStop. They don’t technically let you cancel GamStop self-exclusion restrictions, but they do offer a legal way around it. You can use these sites even though you’re self-excluding without any issues!

The Real GamStop Cancellation Procedure

Right, you’ve been patient and have waited out your self-exclusion period. You’re rubbing your hands with glee as you open up your favourite casino or betting site. What’s this? You still can’t log in or place any bets? This doesn’t make sense, how do I remove myself from GamStop? 

Okay, so, it isn’t as simple as serving your time and then jumping straight back in. There are a couple of other steps you need to follow before you can finally break free and revel in the glory of cancelling GamStop. The good news is that these steps are relatively easy for anyone to follow. 

Keeping that in mind, here’s the real procedure to completely remove GamStop restrictions: 

Step 1

Serve Out Your Suspension

You should already know this by now, but you can’t do anything to cancel GamStop until your suspension runs out. So, be patient and wait for the period to end.

Step 2

Contact GamStop Support

After your self-exclusion period runs out, you have to get in touch with GamStop support. It’s easy to do via the scheme’s website and you will pretty much ask them to deactivate your GamStop. As long as your time has run out, this shouldn’t present any issues.

Step 3

Wait For 24 Hours

Unfortunately, your deactivation isn’t instant. There’s a 24-hour cooling-off period that happens after you stop GamStop. When this is over, you will now be able to use all the GamStop casinos in the UK.

Step 4

Gamble As You Please

Finally, you are free from the shackles of GamStop and can use all of the UK casinos you know and love.

And there you have it, this is the only way you can truly learn how to deactivate GamStop. You’re still not technically cancelling GamStop, but it’s the only way to finally lift your restrictions. Don’t listen to other sites that present different or alternative methods. The sad reality is that a lot of people and websites know that you are desperate to learn how to end GamStop. So, they make up ideas or use very dodgy procedures to “cancel” GamStop for you.

Things To Know Before You Cancel GamStop

Ways to cancel GamStop0
Best way to get around GamStopUse GamStop-free casino sites
Legitimate way to deactivate GamStopServe out your self-exclusion period
GamStop cooling-off period24 hours
Number of sites not on GamStop80+

We know that you’ve been looking for how to cancel GamStop for some time. Nevertheless, this isn’t a decision to make on a whim. It’s crucial to understand the pros and cons of GamStop removal before you jump into any decisions.


The Best Things About Cancelling GamStop

  • You can experience new games that may have been released while you were self-excluding
  • You’re able to use your favourite sites again and take advantage of exclusive offers
  • You’ve spent time addressing your gambling habits and can now place bets with more confidence and responsibility
  • You might be able to win big!

The Worst Things About Cancelling GamStop

  • You may slip straight back into bad habits
  • There’s a chance you can lose a lot of money
  • Your personal life may be affected by your gambling habits
  • Gambling is something you feel like you need to do to get by, rather than something done for fun

Final Thoughts On How To Cancel GamStop

To wrap things up, we have a few things to say about learning how to undo GamStop. It’s impossible to cancel GamStop restrictions once they are in place. However, there are ways to get around them.


The Best Way To Bypass GamStop

We believe the best option is to use non-GamStop and non-UKGC casinos. This lets you gamble and play casino games while you wait out your self-exclusion without breaking any laws.


The Only Way To Legitimately Deactivate GamStop

There is literally only one way you can genuinely deactivate GamStop and it is to wait for your self-exclusion period to end. Then, you contact GamStop support and request deactivation.

Sometimes, it’s not advised that you cancel GamStop. Ensure that you reflect on your gambling habits and ensure that you are gambling responsibly. If you bet for fun and are financially responsible, cancelling GamStop will help you have even more fun. But, if you constantly slip into bad habits when gambling, maybe you should think twice before trying to remove GamStop.

FAQs About How To Stop GamStop

Can I cancel GamStop?

No, it is not possible to learn how to remove GamStop once you are part of the scheme. You must wait for your self-exclusion to run out or use non-GamStop casinos instead.

How long does GamStop last?

This depends on what you set your self-exclusion period as. It can be 6 months, 1 year or even 5 years.

How can I get around GamStop?

The best way to get around GamStop is to find casinos that don’t cooperate with the scheme. You are only blocked from casinos that are on GamStop, meaning you’re free to gamble as often as you like on non-GamStop casino sites.

Are non-GamStop casinos legal?

Yes, casinos that aren’t on GamStop are 100% legal. They do not have a UKGC licence, so they are not obliged to comply with GamStop restrictions. Anyone in the UK can join them without breaking the law.

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